American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers

Essential CPR skills for healthcare providers! This course is designed for EMS providers (EMTs, Paramedics), healthcare personnel (MDs, RNs, CNAs, dentists and dental staff, etc) and other professional rescuers who require certification in Basic Life Support. This course is designed for anyone who has a job related duty to respond in a medical emergency such as law enforcement, firefighters, lifeguards and security personnel.

Students will learn how to perform high-quality and effective Adult, Child and Infant CPR as a single rescuer and as a member of team. Additional rescue skills will also be covered including: using an AED; providing ventilations with a resuscitation mask and bag mask device (BVM); and how to care for someone who is choking. Completion of this course will require a skills exam and a written exam. Course will be taught by experienced EMTs. Course fee includes 2 year certification from the American Heart Association (AHA) in Basic Life Support.

Course Length: 3 hours

Price: $60

Este curso también está disponible en español.