New Year; New Resolutions

How many of us make ‘New Years Resolutions’ every year? I know I do, even if it’s just subconsciously!

We all see the jokes all over Facebook and other social media — oh New Years week, everyone will be gone from the gym by mid-January! Well, unfortunately, that is generally true. New Years Resolutions tend to be short lived. New habits take approximately 66 DAYS to become habit!!!! 66 days! That’s over 2 months! (Source:

So I implore you, this year, to be patient with yourself. If you do have a New Years Resolution, make it attainable. And if you don’t achieve it, be patient with yourself. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Actually, I’m forcing you to put that on your New Year’s Resolution. “Be Kind to Myself” (PS it’s capitalized because it’s important, and you should listen!)

If you’re reading this post and going, well shoot, I don’t have any New Years Resolutions. Or “My New Years Resolution already failed”…well, I am here to help you.

Want to know an awesome New Years Resolution?!? (Hint: You do!!!!)

LEARN CPR. LEARN CPR. LEARN CPR. Should I say it a few more times?

CPR is AWESOME. Obviously we think this. We do this every day, at our “day jobs”, and in teaching all of you. So how do we get YOU to think this??

Look at it this way. What other skill can you learn (potentially in a number of minutes — come join us for a free hands-only CPR session!) that can double or triple someone’s chances of surviving?? NOTHING. There is literally nothing else out there you could learn that will enable you to bring someone back from being clinically dead, to going home and being with their family again. Not a single thing. Not convinced yet?

For every single minute someone is in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival drop by 7-10%. This means, that after 10 minutes, their chances of survival are pretty much zero. We don’t like that. As EMS providers, sometimes we don’t get there until 7-10 minutes after the patient is in cardiac arrest. That’s why we need YOUR help. The faster you start compressions, the better their chances of going home.

Just to convince you a little bit more that you should come take a class from us — look at the person sitting next to you. Think of your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. Think of your sister/brother. Think of your parents. Think of your child. What lengths would you go to in order to help them? Pretty far.

Let’s make it easy to take that first step. This year, we will be offering free hands-only CPR classes throughout the community, to teach these important skills. Sign up for one today!

Want to hold one at your house/workplace/school? Shoot us an email.

We look forward to teaching you!


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